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Sculpture, and in particular portrait sculpture, has been my passion since retiring from full time work. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Luke Shepherd a professional portrait sculptor in Devon, and a wonderful teacher, who mentored me for several years and gave most generously of his advice, knowledge and experience.

Starting with friends who agreed to model I moved on to commissions. The traditional portrait cast in bronze is beyond most people’s pockets and probably too formal in most homes.  I prefer the simpler finish of fired clay and it allows for a more reasonable fee.  In my case the commission payment is incidental.  What is important is the commissioner’s commitment and interest in the end result making the challenge of capturing something more than a likeness all the more rewarding.  For this reason I deliberately set the fee at an affordable level.

I am always happy to show people around my studio and talk clay and heads!  I live in the centre of Tanworth in Arden, Warwickshire, a beautiful village near Stratford on Avon (Midlands).

I am featured on The Oxford Sculptors website ( and also